My Approach to Healing

My approach to healing and personal growth is client-centered, integrative, and culturally sensitive. Healing often includes completing past experiences and coming into more alignment with personal destiny. In this way sessions are in service to your higher self or soul’s purpose.

Healing modalities that are foundational to my approach

My approach is integrative by drawing on body-oriented healing arts, relationship counseling, and diverse spiritual practices. Opportunity for growth can arise from any domain of life, and holistic health honors all aspects of our experience. Finally, I welcome each client’s specific ancestral gifts and challenges knowing that personal wellness is inseparable from the work of establishing a more socially just and earth-aware culture here in the United States and beyond.

Hakomi Method

Hakomi is a mindfulness, experience-based, somatic psychotherapy approach to change and personal growth. The method uses the body as a resource to uncover memories from learned responses to stress and trauma that prevent us from being in alignment with our destiny and wholeness. I completed a two-year comprehensive training in the Hakomi Method in 2012, and I’ve personally benefited greatly from the work. For more info see:

Marriage and Family Therapy

In 2010 I completed a masters in counseling psychology followed by completing 3,000+ clinical hours to become a licensed marriage and family therapist in the state of California (LMFT #53463). This seven-year cycle of training and clinical experience provided me with essential skills to support people working with a broad spectrum of mental, emotional, and life challenges. Although I’m not currently working as a psychotherapist in North Carolina, I continue to have great respect for clinical mental health and to draw on skills from this training.

Bereavement and Grief Work

Our culture does not equip us to move well through the tremendous grief and losses that inevitably find us. Through my personal journey and by supporting others through different expressions of heartache, I’ve become passionate about sharing skills for healthy grieving and about just holding compassionate presence through the crucible of loss. This can include but is not limited to navigating life after the death of a loved one or facing one’s own mortality.

Ancestral Lineage Healing

We all have ancestors and their influence speaks through our diverse cultures and families of origin as well as through our blood and bones. Coming into direct relationship with our wise and loving ancestors, including from older times, can be a potent source of support for transforming intergenerational pain into blessing. Ancestor reverence and ritual has been an important part of my personal practice for nearly a decade, and I recently completed an intensive training with Dr. Daniel Foor (also my husband) to guide ancestral lineage healing work for others. For more info see: