Welcome to my practice...

Hakomi & The Wisdom of the Body

Hakomi is a somatic therapy approach that emphasizes mindfulness and working with the body’s innate wisdom. Learned responses to stress and trauma that prevent us from being in alignment with our destiny are transformed using one’s own inner resources and resilience.

Grief Work & Creative Expression

Death and loss are inevitable, yet little about modern America culture prepares us to navigate the waters of grief. Similarly, we can learn to harness the potency of creative expression to birth a more authentic, relational, and soul-aligned sense of self in our everyday lives.

Ancestral Healing & Ritual Arts

Even if your recent family has been a source of pain, we all have wise and kind ancestors who are available to support us in the present. Ancestral healing emphasizes learning ways to call on our beloved dead and blood lineages for empowerment, protection, and guidance.

Sarah’s approach to healing and transformation draws on her training in psychotherapy, expressive arts, body-oriented therapies, and earth-honoring spirituality. She brings to the work humility, authenticity, and respect for cultural diversity.